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The business Portfolio of Conzzeta are reported in four segments with five Business Units.



More than 5000 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. They are represented through their own subsidiaries in ca 30 different countries.

Net Revenue by region 2017


Employees by region 2017


Conzzeta is developing a business portfolio in markets with potential for above average growth and sustainable value creation by securing leading positions in its target markets.

Innovative solutions for our clients, regional expansion and operational excellence combine to provide long-term returns in the top quartile of the respective peer groups. Conzzeta supports its individual business units in creating their unique value proposition and helps management realize ambitious targets.

Conzzeta aims to ensure its business units are "best choice" for customers. All business units contribute to meeting the Group targets, balancing the Group portfolio in terms both of diversified business cycles and geographical footprint.

The Group seeks value creation above cost of capital with a solid balance sheet and professional risk management. It envisages a pay-out ratio of between one third and a half of the annual profit, in consideration of the economic situation and Conzzeta's outlook.


Priorities and Financial Aspiration

The business units of the Conzzeta Group focus on innovative solutions and leading positions in their respective target markets. To further develop the company, the Group adheres to four priorities:

1. Rigorous market orientation

2. Focus on business excellence

3. Sustainable people development

4. Further internationalisation in Asia and North America

In the medium term, the Group aims to achieve a sales growth rate above 5%, an EBIT margin of 8 - 10% and a return of capital employed above 15%.