Corporate responsibility

Conzzeta is committed to sustainable corporate management with a long-term perspective, with the appropriate consideration of the interests of all stakeholder groups.


Code of Conduct

Conzzeta’s Code of Conduct sets forth binding basic rules for conduct in day-to-day business and the behaviour of each individual employee toward customers, suppliers, investors, fellow employees, as well as society and the state. It contains clearly defined processes for reporting violations of the rules. All employees are required to be role models.


Risk Management

In the reporting year, the Board of Directors again undertook an integral Group-wide risk assessment based on management reporting and the separate Group risk report, covering the risk monitoring process as well as the most significant risks. The risk management process, which has been implemented across the Group, encompasses the identification, evaluation and qualitative appraisal of operational, financial and strategic risks in all business units as well as at Conzzeta AG. It is supported by risk monitoring, a plan of action and standardized risk reporting.


Internal Audit

The internal audit function at Conzzeta reports directly to the Audit Committee. The international auditing firm Deloitte was given the relevant brief for this. The tools created as part of this process will facilitate systematic implementation of monitoring standards and continuous operational improvements.