In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we act in a proper manner and seek to set a good example. In the process of doing so, we interpret regional and local laws for the benefit of the weak and the environment and thereby support positive developments. We strive for commercial success, but not at the expense of health or safety. We do not tolerate any sort of discrimination or encroachment on personal freedoms at our company.

Sheet Metal Processing – Bystronic

Bystronic’s three company values are openness, commitment and innovation. The company seeks to actively communicate with customers, employees and other partners. Its overall commitment encompasses eight individual promises, which include a promise of local expertise as well as first-class consulting, support, and replacement parts going beyond the typical duration. This requires motivated and committed workers at all of its locations. Bystronic offers an attractive working environment with fair working conditions and equal opportunity. It promotes talent at all levels with a wide variety of development opportunities. Bystronic is also involved in sponsoring activities at universities and in connection with social causes.  Find out more

Sporting Goods – Mammut

Wherever its products are manufactured, Mammut assumes responsibility for fair working conditions. If materials of animal origin are used, Mammut strives to ensure that they are sourced from ethically responsible animal husbandry operations and obtained under animal-friendly conditions.  Find out more

Fair Wear Foundation

Mammut joined the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) in 2008, the first company in the outdoor industry to do so. As a leading member, Mammut systematically campaigns for improved labor conditions across the supply chain. To ensure the effective implementation of the FWF standards, Mammut has introduced a comprehensive management system and monitors working conditions at its suppliers by means of regular audits and factory visits. In its capacity as an independent verification body, the Fair Wear Foundation checks the improvement process on site at suppliers and conducts a detailed brand performance check to ascertain the extent to which Mammut’s management systems and processes are contributing towards an improvement in working conditions at suppliers.

Responsible Down Standard

To ensure that the down used in its products comes from operations with ethically responsible animal husbandry practices, Mammut relies on the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification for its down procurement.

Chemical Specialties – FoamPartner

FoamPartner stands by the values of respect, reliability and integrity.. The health and safety of its employees and the general population as well as fair and cooperative business relationships are top priorities at all of its locations. Its commitment to keep its promises and communicate openly is the foundation for mutual respect. Unconditional compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements is a given. The ability of FoamPartner’s employees to implement its values at all levels is crucial, which is why it offers its staff various opportunities to develop their professional, managerial and social skills.  Find out more

Chemical Specialties – Schmid Rhyner

Schmid Rhyner’s environmental concept not only outlines its responsibility to the environment, but also defines its responsibility to future generations. In selecting its raw materials, it therefore considers not only eco-compatibility, but also the supplier’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As a small to medium-sized global company and leading innovator in the packaging market, Schmid Rhyner offers its qualified staff various training programs relating to workplace safety, technology, areas of application, testing methods, low migration and food safety. Schmid Rhyner is committed to offering fair and safe working conditions, well-researched education and training opportunities, and a corporate culture incorporating skills and values.  Find out more