Bystronic glass installs two innovative B’VARIO TPS® IG lines at Northeast Building Products in Philadelphia

Neuhausen-Hamberg, December 14, 2018 - In a fiercely competitive market, the high caliber standards of Bystronic glass are giving long standing customers a decidedly significant market advantage.

With over 650 employees, Northeast Building Products, based in Philadelphia PA, USA, manufactures high quality, energy efficient windows, doors and ancillary products for the residential window and door market. Alan Levin, President of NBP, has partnered with Bystronic glass since 2009 when they invested in the cutting edge Sashlite™ technology, SashLine, to support the company’s diversification and growth strategy.

After realizing substantial growth over the last 10 years, Northeast Building Products has recently invested in a new, 104,000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing facility. This $15 million dollar investment will allow Northeast Building Products to meet their near and long term growth strategies. The new facility will further expand their window manufacturing capabilities and IG production capability, all of which will be units produced with the TPS® spacer system on two Bystronic glass B’VARIO TPS® IG lines. The new investment will allow Northeast Building Products to be well positioned to support their customers production demands of up to 1.800 IG units per shift, while at the same time meeting the need to support the increasing demand for high performance windows now and beyond.

TPS® or Thermo Plastic Spacer is the only true on demand, warm edge spacer system available on the market.  As the original inventor of the TPS® IG manufacturing process, Bystronic glass has optimized the manufacturing process over 25 years of extensive experience. The result is IG units with some of the best thermal performance, longevity and reliability, and consistent quality and aesthetics. Combined with the improved overall efficiency gains in the manufacturing process and overall reduction in waste and labor, the TPS® manufacturing process adds immediate value and cost reductions; ensuring the customers overall success.

Greater Scope Through Leaner Manufacturing Techniques

TPS® allows for leaner manufacturing with mixed spacer width production on the fly, integrated shapes and special formats, and the capability to run with or without data files for rectangles.

Scott Knisely, President Americas at Bystronic glass Inc. comments: “The economy in North America as a whole has been extremely robust in all sectors for both commercial and residential construction markets, and this is driving demand to new record levels for glass related products.“

There is greater demand for higher performance products across key market sectors in America. This strong economy has required customers take a fresh look at how their key products are manufactured.

“There is now a very strong demand for solutions that incorporate innovative high-performance characteristics, like TPS®, as well as high levels of automation,” Scott Knisely continues.

Consequently being able to provide customers with the right solutions that will yield profit and fast ROI continues to be a priority for Bystronic glass.

Alan Levin, President of Northeast Building Products, comments: “We have been impressed with the Bystronic glass brand for many years now, having originally installed two SashLines into our facility. Based on the performances achieved by that equipment, and the necessity to grow the operations, it was only natural to explore and invest in machinery that would guarantee to take this business forward and ensure the success of our customers. The Bystronic glass team is always so helpful and I would give them top marks in terms of training, installation and overall customer support.”

Scott Knisely concludes: “TPS® is a pioneering IG manufacturing process and is consistent with the Bystronic glass ethos of providing customers with efficient tailor-made solutions that will achieve optimum results. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Alan Levin and the incredible employees of Northeast Building Products for years to come and are honored that we are a key part of their growth and success.”



1_Two_B'VARIO_TPS®_IG_Lines_at_NBP_Philadelphia: Two Bystronic glass B’VARIO TPS® IG Lines face to face at Northeast Building Products in Philadelphia (USA) © Bystronic glass

2_Two_B'VARIO_TPS®_IG_Lines_at_NBP_Philadelphia: Two Bystronic glass B’VARIO TPS® IG Lines face to face at Northeast Building Products in Philadelphia (USA) © Bystronic glass

3_B'VARIO_TPS®_IG_Line_at_NBP_Philadelphia: TPS® is the only true on demand, warm edge spacer system available on the market © Bystronic glass

4_B'VARIO_TPS®_IG_Line_at_NBP_Philadelphia: Bystronic glass is the original inventor of the TPS® technology © Bystronic glass



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